Epithet Chart for Homers Odyssey, Robert Fagles

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The Odyssey
Epithet Chart for Major Characters/Gods and Goddesses
As you read the Odyssey list all the epithets you find for the following characters. Cite Book and line number CharacterEpithet – Book and line #


Odysseus: -“the man of twists and turns” (I.1)
-“Great Odysseus” (I.228)
-“King Odysseus” (I.456)
-“godlike man” (II.261)
-“Odysseus of Ithaca” (II.277)
-“Worldly Odysseus” (V.237)
-“Long-enduring Odysseus” (V.538)
-“Worldly-Wise” (VII.200)
-“Long-suffering great Odysseus” (VII.210)
-“Diplomatic” (VII.346)
-“Odysseus, raider of cities” (VIII.3)
-“Great teller of tales” (IX.1)
-“shining Odysseus” (XI.230)
-“Deft and tactful Odysseus” (XI.404)
Athena: -“sparkling-eyed” (I.53)
-“Eyes flashing bright” (I.96)
-“Pallas Athena” (I.147)
-“Athena’s sparkling eyes” (I.182)
-“Eyes-glinting” (I.206)
-“Clear-eyed goddess” (I.255)
-“Bright-eyed” (I.367)
-“Watchful” (I.419)
-“Daughter of Zeus” (II.330)
-“Flashing eyed” (II.442)
-“Flashing sea-gray eyes” (II.476)
-“Eyes Afire” (III.261)
-“Glistening Goddess” (IV.428)
-“Queen Athena” (V.121)
-“Bright-eyed Goddess Pallas” (V.471)
-“Bright-eyed one” (V.481)
-“Gleaming-eyed” (XI.719)
-“Queen of tactics” (XVI.314)
Zeus:-“Son of Cronus” (I.54)
-“Olympian Zeus” (II.73)
-“Zeus who marshals the thunderheads” (V.5)
-“Storming Zeus” (V.116)
-“Great Zeus” (VII.278)
-“The thunderer, Heras’ husband” (VIII.523)
-“Zeus of the thundercloud” (IX.616)
-“The thunder king” (XI.494)
-“God of guests” (XIV.440)
Poseidon: “Sea-lord” (I.30)
-“Earth-Shaker” (I.81)
-“Lord” (III.48)
-“God of the earthquake” (V.309)
-“Lord of the Sea” (VI.363)
-“Sea-blue mane” (IX.596)
-“God who rocks the earth” (XI.288)
Hermes: - “Giant-killer” (I.46)
-“Giant killing guide” (V.47)
-“Mighty giant-killer” (V.48)
-“Running god of luck” (VII.365)
-“God of the golden wand” (X.363)
Telemachus: -“Young Telemachus” (I.247)...
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