Epic Qualities of the Incredibles

Topics: The Incredibles, Jack-Jack Parr, Mr. Incredible Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Epic Qualities in The Incredibles

Epic qualities of a film are easy to identify but identifying and explaining the qualities of an epic hero are harder. What is an epic qualities of a hero? An epic hero is the central figure in a long narrative that reflects the values and heroic ideals of a particular society. In this film Mr. Incredible gets the chance to turn back into a superhero but no one wants superheros anymore. Mr. Incredible is the hero in this film. Mr. Incredible has many characteristics in this film. One quality is his strength. His main power in this film is his strength, Mr. incredible talks about how he is going to crush the assistant. (The Incredibles.) Now this is just one of his characteristics. Another characteristic is bravery. His second major characteristic is important because what person would hit a machine that is twice the size they are! Also his shows bravery by going to fight crime and alone and not wanting anyone to work with him.(The Incredibles.) Last but not least his final characteristic is courage. His shows courage all through out the film. He shows courage when he fights the machine. (The Incredibles.) He shows courage we he sneaks back into the volcano layer. (The Incredibles.)Also shows courage when he ran in a burning building to save victims out of that building.(The Incredibles.) Mr. Incredible wants to be a superhero again so badly that he will do anything. He want to become a hero again so bad that he sneaks around behind his wife and children backs to do superhero work and duties. (The Incredibles.) He gets his call to adventure when he finds an envelope on his work desk that is addressed to him. (The Incredibles.) When Mr. Incredible arrives home, he goes into his private room and opens the envelope and pulls out a computer device.(The Incredibles.) When he sits the computer device down on the desk, it scans the room for other bodies.(The Incredibles.) Once the computer device realizes that Mr Incredible is alone,...
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