Epic of Gilgamesh

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Andrzej Migas
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Epic of Gilgamesh
In the quest story of The Epic of Gilgamesh, the protagonist Gilgamesh journeys through the stages of separation, initiation, and reconciliation in the search of immortality. “The narrative focused on the exploits of an epic hero”(litracy.com) The first stage of the quest is the call. “The call to adventure sets the story by disrupting the hero’s ordinary world.”(Vogler) We notice everything is going to start changing when Enkidu gets sick. Soon after he gets sick Enkidu has a dream that a “grim reaper” took him to the place of death. Soon after that Enkidu died. He had never suffered injustice before the death of Enkidu. Fearing that he will die Gilgamesh decides to go on a quest for immortality. “To go on a quest is to look for something one does not have.”(Auden) He though that he was entitled to immortality since he was two thirds god. Gilgamesh could have refused the call but he chose to go because he wanted to become immortal. After a long journey Gilgamesh reaches the mountains of Mashu. But before he can enter the passage that leads to the land of the gods he must cross the threshold. The threshold is when the hero is about to start his true journey. As he a reaches the mountain there is a guardian there. “Helpers with their knowledge or magical power to help the hero” (Auden3) He

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is the man scorpion and his mate. The scorpion warns Gilgamesh that he will fail on his journey. Gilgamesh explains that he is not going on the journey for himself but for Enkidu who has lost his life. Even after that the scorpion keeps warning Gilgamesh that no mortal has ever crossed the mountains and that he will surely fail, Gilgamesh still decides to keep on going on his journey. After Gilgamesh crosses the threshold he being his true journey. “Crossing the threshold signifies the hero has finally committed to the journey.”(Vogler 1)This part of the quest is the decent. At first...