Enzyme Kinetics Example Problems

Topics: Enzyme, Enzyme inhibitor, Enzyme kinetics Pages: 4 (1007 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Enzyme Kinetics Examples and Problems
1. An enzyme is produced for producing a sun protection lotion. Given kinetic data for the enzyme reaction with Vm=2.5 mmol/m3.s, Km=8.9 mM and So=12mM, what would be the time required for 95% conversion in a batch reactor?

2. An enzyme was assayed at an initial substrate concentration of 10-5M. The Km’ for the substrate is 2x10-3M. At the end of 1 min, 2% of the substrate had been converted to product. a. What % of the substrate will be converted to product at the end of 3 min.? calculate the product and substrate concentration at that time. b. If the initial concentration of the substrate were 10-6M, what percent of the substrate will be converted to product after 3 min? c. What is the maximum attainable velocity of the reaction with the enzyme concentration used? d. At about what substrate concentration will Vm be observed? e. At this S concentration, what % of the substrate will be converted to product after 3 min?

3. An enzyme catalyzed reaction of the form S P has a value of G0 = 3.4 kJ/mole. f. Calculate the equilibrium constant at 298K
g. If we start with a solution containing 0.1M substrate, what is the at equilibrium?

4. Given the reaction E + S - E.S -- E + P where k1 = 1x107M/s, k-1=1x102 /s and k2=3x102/s h. Calculate Km’, Km
5. An enzymatic assay was carried under two different sets of conditions out using a pure substrate S. The results are tabulated below. i. Calculate the Km and Vm for given substrate concentrations and rates for A only. j. Use the 3 plots and comment on their differences

k. For inhibition example do B then compare with A
 |  | A| B|
S (mol/L)|  | V0 (mol/L.min)| v (mol/L.min)|
1.5x10-5|  | 0.21| 0.08|
2.0x10-5|  | 0.25| 0.1|
3.0x10-5|  | 0.28| 0.12|
4.0x10-5|  | 0.33| 0.13|
8.0x10-5|  | 0.44| 0.16|
16.0x10-5|  | 0.40| 0.18|

6. You are given...
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