Environmental Pollution Outline

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  • Published : September 6, 2011
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Environmental Pollution Outline
1.Complete the following outline using Ch. 21–25 of the text. Use complete sentences. Here is an example: a.Example - Environmental History
1)Before 1960
a)Few people had ever heard the word ecology.
b)The term, environment, meant little as a political or social issue. 2)Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
a)Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1960.
b)At about the time the book was published, several environmental events were occurring. c)Examples of these environmental events are oil spills and highly publicized threats of extinction of many species. d)Environment became a popular issue.

3)Early Days of Modern Environmentalism
a)Environmentalism was dominated by confrontations between those labeled environmentalist and those labeled anti-environmentalists. b)Environmentalists believed that the world was in peril.
c)The anti-environmentalists believed that social and economic heath and progress were necessary. 4)Today
a)The situation has changed from the early days of modern environmentalism. b)Public opinion polls show that people around the world rank the environment among the most important social and political issues. c)No longer is there a need to verify that the environmental problems are severe. 2.Complete the rest of the worksheet based on the example above. Remember to be thorough in your answers and write in complete sentences. a.Water Management

1)Describe Water Management and Use
a)Freshwater sources
b)Water supply problems
c)Water conservation
d)Water use
2)Effects of Water Use and Management Practices on the Environment a)Short-term effects
b)Long-term effects
b.Three Major Types of Environmental Pollution
1)Identify Type One
c)Effects on ecosystem health
d)Effects on human health
2)Identify Type Two
c)Effects on ecosystem health
d)Effects on human health
3)Identify Type Three
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