Environmental Essay- Water Consumption Hadi Darras

Topics: Plumbing, Toilet, Flush toilet Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: March 4, 2012
At our rate, in 20 years or less; our very way of life will change.The time of concern has come, and the slowly decreasing water will hit us hard, for we are used to the “unlimited water supply” and won’t believe our minds when the time has come. Think about the future generations that will die as a result of what we have done, and our carelessness. Water is obviously vital for any source of life on earth but the way we use it is utterly careless and embedded with mistakes. But the bullet of catastrophe can be postponed or maybe even dodged for a while if we use the alternatives. The alternatives are simple, everyday solutions that will help you do your part. According to www.toiletabcs.com “If all US households installed water-saving features, water use would decrease by 30%.” The alternatives are useful for not only the environment, but also for your utilities bill; many are also cheap and maybe even free!

A low flush toilet is just a simple way to save a load of water, if everyone started using low flushes the deadline of “unlimited water” may be extended. 34015.8 Litres is the average household toilet consumption, if you use a low flush that number will decrease a shocking 7300 litres a year! This illustrates the power of saving a lot of water just from one simple step. This here is quite an example of the saying “its the little things that matter”. Over the next two decades our population is set to increase by 40%. We use 70% of our water for agriculture, and studies by the world water council have shown that we will need 17% more water for agriculture by 2020 in order to feed the growing world. So if nothing is done to postpone this catastrophe for another time when an ideal alternative is developed, millions more will go to bed hungry and thirsty(1). 2025, will be the year in which the first country in the world will officially run out of water. This unlucky country just happens to be Yemen, Yemen is located on the south west coast of the Arabian...
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