Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality

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Table of contents

Executive Summary3
2.0 Idea and Competition4
2.1 Description of the venture & Service provision4
2.3 Why it is innovative4
2.4 Location5
2.5 Number of rooms and itsprices6
2.5.1 Price determinants7
2.6 Competition8
2.7 SWOT analysis9
3.0 Target Market and reasons for its selection11
3.1 Industry Analysis12
3.1.1 Demand outlook – bargaining power of buyers12
3.1.2 Supply outlook – bargaining power of suppliers13
3.1.3 Barriers to Entry13
3.1.4 Substitutes14
3.2 Market Size & Trends14
3.3 Estimated Market Value17
3.4 Estimated Sales Forecasts for 3 Years17
4.0 Assessing my entrepreneurial capabilities17
4.1 Team Experience18
4.2 HR Plan18
5.0 Equipment needs20
7.0 Conclusion22

Executive Summary

This opportunity analysis report is aimed at assessing the feasibility of new hotel project with its main location in Denmark. It covers four major sections.

The first section describes the project idea including why it is innovative and identifies the competitors for the idea. The innovatory idea is to build eco-friendly hotel with variety of sustainable solutions integrated in it. The main foundation for the price is value-based pricing policy with the main reason to capture green consumers’ value through environmentally-friendly...
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