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I. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.
1. Despite playing under strength, the village team _____ beat the rivals. a. couldb. were able toc. couldn’td. weren’t able to 2. I suggest Andrea ______ in touch with the organisers.
a. should getb. to getc. gettingd. gets
3. The traffic lights _____ green and I pulled away.
a. becameb. turnedc. gotd. went
4. ______ during the storm.
a. They were collapsedb. The fence was collapsed
c. They collapsed the fenced. The fence collapsed
5. The suspect confessed _______.
a. his crimeb. the police his crimec. his crime to the policed. his crime the police 6. ______ thinks that Judith should be given the job.
a. Neither of usb. The majority of my colleagues
c. Practically everyoned. A number of people
7. We had ______ holiday in Spain.
a. a two week’s b. two weeksc. two-weekd. a two-week 8. The company owns _____ in the city centre.
a. a cars parkb. several car parksc. a car parkd. several cars parks 9. The government has introduced _______.
a. a children’s clothes taxb. a tax on children clothes c. a children clothes taxd. a tax on children’s clothes 10. I’ll be with you in _______.
a. one quarter of an hourb. a quarter of an hourc. a quarter of one hour d. a quarter of hour 11. _____ my friends knew I was getting married.
a. Not much ofb. not many ofc. Not muchd. Not many 12. ____ the children _____ awake.
a. None of…wasb. Not any of…werec. No …. wasd. None of…were 13. The party was excellent, and I’d like to thank all the ______. a. concerned peopleb. responsible people c. people that concerned d . people concerned 14. I asked Francis to clean the car, and he did ______.

a. a well jobb. the job goodc. a good jobd. a job well 15. ______, they slept soundly.
a. Hot though was the night airb. Hot though the night air was c. Hot the night air as wasd. Hot although the night air was 16. John was the first person I saw _____ hospital.
a. by leavingb. on leavingc. in leavingd. on to leave 17. He suddenly saw Sue ____ the room. He pushed his way ____ the crowd of people to get to her. a. across…throughb. over…throughc. across…acrossd. over…along 18. She tried to _______.

a. talk me the plan out ofb. talk out of me the plan c. talk me out of the pland. talk out me of the plan. 19. _____ that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.
a. So successful her business was,b. So successful was her business, c. Her business was successfuld. So was her successful business, 20. I’m _____ a complete loss to understand why you reacted so violently. a. atb. inc. ond. by

21. From an early age, Wolfgang had a(n) ____ for music.
a. interestb. passionc. involvementd. tendency
22. Financial help from his parents ______ James to complete his studies. a. grantedb. providedc. easedd. enabled
23. I don’t take ____ to being disobeyed. That’s a warning! a. wellb. kindlyc. gentlyd. nicely
24. I like that photo very much. Could you make an _____ for me? a. increaseb. enlargementc. extensiond. expansion 25. I’m becoming increasingly _____ . Last week, I locked myself out of the house twice. a. obliviousb. mindlessc. absentd. forgetful

II. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 26. a. southb. southernc. scoutd. drought
27. a. domeb. combc. homed. tomb
III. Pick out the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others. 28. a. literatureb. preventivec. measurementd. temperature 29. a. exampleb. continuec. sensible...
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