Entartete Kunst

Topics: Nazi Germany, Degenerate art, Adolf Hitler Pages: 6 (2334 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Art Appreciation 1301
December 3, 2012
Entartete Kunst
A government or governing body controlling the public through the control and confiscation of art, music, literature and media is not a new phenomenon. In every culture, censorship is present in some form or fashion. It could be true government regulation or just social prejudice. The Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler used the laws of his regime to control the art world at that time. One of the most documented round up of art occurred during World War II. The Nazi Party not only seized people considered undesirable, they also seized degenerate art. Entartete Kunst or Degenerate art is “a term adopted by the Nazi regime in Germany to describe virtually all modern art. Such art was banned on the grounds that it was un-German or Jewish Bolshevist in nature, and those identified as degenerate artists were subject to sanctions.”(“Degenerate Art”) The art teacher was relieved from their positions at universities. Some artists were forbidden sell their art or even exhibit it in public. The worst punishment for the artist was being forbidden to even produce the art they loved. (“Degenerate Art”) The Modernism culture was seen as disgusting by the Nazis. “Their response stemmed partly from a conservative aesthetic taste.”(“Degenerate Art”) They preferred the classical Greek and Roman art for it “embodied an inner racial ideal.”(“Degenerate Art”) This type of art was “uncontaminated by Jewish influences.”(“Degenerate Art”) “Modern art was [seen as] an act of aesthetic violence by the Jews against the German Spirit.”(“Degenerate Art”) The “Jewish nature of all art that was indecipherable, distorted, or that represented “depraved” subject matter was explained through the concept of degeneracy.”(“Degenerate Art”) Hitler not only drew most of his ideas from the writing of Paul Schultze-Naumburg’s writings (“Degenerate Art”), but he also used his emotional pain from rejection from admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He had failed the drawing portion of the admission. This failure launched him into a tirade and his eyes shown the hate that impacted the art world during the World War II. (“Nazi Plunder”) (See Fig. 1). The type of art considered degenerative will be explained along with the information about those who collected the art. The Fate artist and their art will be uncovered as well. The approved art of the Nazi Reich and the Nazi plunder will also be discussed in the following text. All art called modern was deem degenerate. Many movements were condemned in under Hitler. Most art considered degenerative stemmed from the early 20th century Avant-Garde art movement. Cubism is art in which “objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form.”(“Cubism”) The artist represents the object in a more detailed context using multiple viewpoints instead of just a single viewpoint. (“Cubism”) (See Fig. 2) Expressionism distorts the perspective for an emotional effect to obtain moods or ideas. (“Expressionism”) (See Fig. 3) Fauvism or les Fauves (the wild beasts) “emphasized the painterly qualities and strong use of color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism.” (“Fauvism”) The highly abstraction and simplification of it subject are painted with wild brush strokes and colors. (“Fauvism”) (See Fig. 4) Impressionism uses thin small but visible brush strokes. The emphasis is on light and the accurate portrayal it qualities when changing. (“Impressionism”) “Inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience and unusual visual angles are employed.”(“Impressionism”) (See Fig. 5) Dada abandons logic and reason. It helped set the foundation work for the Surrealism movement. (“Dada”) (See Fig. 6) The Surrealism movement “features the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur.”(“Surrealism”) This method is uses to “expose psychological truth by stripping ordinary...
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