English: Travel Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing shortage Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: January 31, 2013
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Needjie G.Boisseau
Mrs Little
English 083-006
6 December 2012
My career in Travel Nurse In earlyn1900’s,nursing education was received primarily from hospitals rather than colleges or universities.New nursing students were responsible for taxs similar to that of maids-dusting,scrubbing and doing dishes.These students typically worked 10 to 12 hoyr shifts,even days a week,for a period of two to three years.Later responsabilities included sterilization of equipement such as needles and bandages and cleaning operating rooms.After graduating,most student worked in patient homes as private-duty nurses and were paid amount comparable to today’s minimum wage.Their duties included bathing administration of medications and enemas,and tending to wounds and scores. During this time period,hospitals evolved from facilities for the extremely poor and death-bound to intitutions for general health treatment and childbirth.At the dawn of world war,nurses were rmoved from their family hospital environment and placed at the bedsides of wounded soldiers,responsible for treatment decision for the first time.To ensure adequate nursing staff for the duraton of the war,the Cadet Nursing Corps program was initiated in 1943 to subsidize education for nursing student who agreed to work in the understaffed ares until the war’s end.Well over 100,000 nurses received training through this program over the next three years.The nursing profession gained much recognition and support from civilians during this time,at long last realized as the tremendous asset to medical care that nurses truiy are Nurses returned from duty with public support as well as new skills from the training and experience gained during service.Many nurses had been trained by the military in specialty areas of medicine,expanding into areas of medicine such as psychiatry and anesthesia.In the years that...
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