English Reformation and Book

Topics: English Reformation, Protestant Reformation, Tudor dynasty Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: December 12, 2012
English IV/ Capstone ResearchMitchell
Annotated Bibliography

Holmes, G: Britain after the Glorious Revolution 1689-1714. Macmillian and Co LTD, 1969. Print. Much of the excitement of history lies not in the narrative of events, but in the process of discussion. This book is wholly concerned with problems. Problems such as corruption took place in the 16th century. This book covers more than the corruption in the English church but every event that could lead up to this event. It defies the post-revolution and landmarks that are known to the artificial. Roberts, J.M: The New Oxford History of England. Penry Williams, 1995. Print. In the 16th century England sheep outnumbered humans by two or three to one. French and English heralds the Frenchman declared that while France is a world of people; a great part of England is a waste desert and savage ground. The purpose of this book is to give a brief pictorial account of England, Wales, and Ireland in 1547 in which might have started a war with England. This can help with my research because it basically gives me events to look at before the corruption in church. Jones, J. R.: The Revolution of 1688 in England. George J. McLeod, 1972. Print. Superficially the Revolution of 1688 can be seen as perhaps the most rapidly executed of all revolutions. The Restoration of the monarchy and the old order in 1660 had been hopefully intended to obliterate the divisions, enmities, and aberrations such as a corruption in the church caused by the Civil War. The book is resourceful because it basically comments what might have caused a corruption in the church. It also details the studies of historians in the 16th century that could have been involved. Rex, Richard: Henry VIII and The English Reformation. Richard Rex, 1993. Print. This book seeks to present Henry’s Reformation in an analytical fashion, presenting in logical order its leading ideas and main features. There seems to be an inherent risk in this approach...
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