English Essay on the Short Story "The Island"

Topics: Short story, Fiction Pages: 2 (880 words) Published: November 20, 2012
English essay on the short story” The Island”
We all know the word Freedom, but do we truly know what it means? It’s a good word which explains: No commitments, no chains, no concerns and no insecurity. The Scottish short story ‘The Island’ is an expression for this freedom and to indulge you to something bigger than yourself. It could be God or in this case, it is the beautiful nature. This short story is published in 1992 and the author is unknown. The main character is Doris (last name unknown), she has a son, named John who is married with Annette, and is Doris’ daughter-in-law. We can estimate Doris to be 50-60 years old, if we figure her son, John’s age and his status as a married man. Doris’ relationship with the young couple is difficult, because she is an outsider, she is old, and they are young, both John and his wife Annette. “When Doris visited, Annette never found her jobs, or asked favours. If there were children, it might be different, but in her heart Doris doubted it.”(p. 1, ll. 11-12). According to this line, we easily get to know what Doris experience is with Annette. And we get to know that Doris want to involve herself more in the young couple’s life. “She had half hoped that John, at least, would say he really wanted her to come. But no. Certainly her daughter-in-law did not need her. “(p.1, ll. 8-9). And it comes to express, that Doris also not want to be alone, not needed. John and Annette, mostly Annette, tread Doris like a child. “They saw several more beaches that Doris wanted to explore on foot, but she was imprisoned in the back seat.”(p.1, ll. 34-35). And they, John and Annette keep saying that Doris needs to relax and take it easy. The Island we are on is called Tiree. Tiree is an island off the west coast of Scotland. As long as Doris stays on the island, she becomes freer. First of all, she meets an...
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