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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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It is Saturday morning and you have just slaved over a beautiful batch of perfectly risen cappuccino muffins. You are sitting around the dining room table waiting for your mother to take a bite out of the moist muffins. The anticipation is making you nervous, but the smile and pure enjoyment that comes across her face fills you with a feeling of accomplishment. In the following paragraphs I am going to write about the enjoyment baking and cooking brings me and the limitation of time. Many people feel accomplished after getting an A+ on an essay or succeeding in an academic course. I feel entirely accomplished after a day of baking. The fulfillment of a perfectly fluffed cupcake with just the right amount of impeccable frosting spread on top. The fulfillment I feel is the attention I get from others after they taste what I have made. I love knowing that something I created has the potential to affect another person. For the past month I have been obsessed with cooking diners followed by a delicious dessert. I believe this obsession started because I became fed up with ordering out. Nobody in my household enjoys cooking therefore leading to eating pizza and french fries, and tons of unhealthy foods. Not only is this hurtful to my body and my family's, but being a healthy eater, it isn't easy to live in a house where junk food is pouring out of the cupboards. Baking and cooking is a great deal! Not only is it cheaper, but you know exactly what is in it. A perk of cooking and baking is the smell and taste of all the flavors combined. There's nothing better, in my opinion, than a house full of lingering smells. A disadvantage of baking is that it is very time consuming and if you do not have a lot of time it creates a limit. Since I go to school and have tons of homework; I do not have much time to bake Monday through Friday; therefore, leading to a baking withdrawal. Once the weekend comes I have an urge to bake everything. My brain goes into lockdown because I...
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