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* Born in 1940 and died in 2009.
* He grew up in Bellas Gate, a village in rural St. Catherine, Jamaica. * He attended St. Jago High School between 1952-57.
* He attended Rose Bruford College in Kent, England between 1960-63. * He, along with seven companions, started the Barn theatre.

* It's Not My fault Baby, 1967.
* The Gadget, 1968.
* Cinderella (Musical), 1969.
* Smile Orange, 1971.
* Music Boy , 1971.
* Sleeper, 1972.
* Comic Strip, 1973.
* School's Out, 1974.
* Old Story Time, 1979.
* Everyman, 1980.
* Two Can Play, 1982.
* Family Planning (Musical), 1989.
* The Game , 1989.
* The Power, 1992.
* One Stop Driver, 1992.
* Dear Counselor, 1997.
* Bellas Gate Boy, 2002.

* The Harder They Come, 1969.
* Smile Orange, 1974.
* Milk and Honey, 1988.
* Top Rankin'

This play is about a mother who wants the best for her child. As a result, she isolates him from the children in the neighbourhood and forcibly encourages him to study. The result of her 'encouragement' is that he obtains a scholarship to go to University in England, travels the world, obtains a PhD, and gets an excellent job in the banking sector in Kingston,Jamaica. Alongside her encouragement, regarding education, however, is her castigation of the Black race. She tells her son that Black is not good, therefore, he must try to court Margaret, the reverend's daughter who, it is implied, is white. He attempted to accommodate his mother and was brutally humiliated. This incident, however, led to him meeting his future wife, the dark skinned Lois. Mama does not react well to their marriage and maintains the belief that Lois has worked obeah on her son in order to obtain and keep him. We learn that Lois is, in fact, dedicated to Len. So much so that she embezels the bank's money in order to support Len while he was away at University. She paid for it at that time because her then boss, George McFarlane, blackmailed her. Her former boss re-enters her life when Len investigates George's financial activities in order to ascertain whether or not he has scammed Mama in a housing deal. George tries to use her former fraudulent activities against her, but it backfires on him because Len uses the same bank slip, that George had kept as evidence of Lois embezzlement of bank funds, to trap him. The story culminates with Mama working obeah on Lois in order to get her out of Len's life. Discovering that she was wrong in her treatment, and attitude, towards Lois over the years, she apologizes to Lois. Lois, Len and Pa Ben place her in a prayer circle in order to ensure that the boomerang does not catch her. All is forgiven by the end of the play. This story is narrated by Pa Ben, who is integral to keeping the peace, as well as keeping the lines of communication open between family.

* The first half of the play is predominantly set in an unamed parish in rural Jamaica. * The last half of the play is predominantly set in Kingston, Jamaica. * The story line is set between the 1960's to 1980.

Pa Ben
* He is the narrator and story teller.
* He keeps the peace between Mama and Len.
* He keeps the lines of communication open between Mama and Len, and Len and Lois. * He loves Len like a son, and treats him like one.
* Mama is his best friend.
* He loves to drink his white rum.

Mama (Miss Aggie/ Miss G.)
* Len's mother.
* She is a market lady.
* She is very invested in her child's education.
* She is very proud.
* She believes that whites and near whites, are superior to Black people. * She is very witty.

* Len's childhood friend.
* She is constantly pregnant
* By the middle of the play she had 11 children and is pregnant with another. * She dies in childbirth near the end...
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