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Topics: Slavery in the United States, William Faulkner, Marriage Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Part I: Character Identification in "A Rose for Emily" In complete sentence format, identify each of the following characters. Remember reporters, be sure to include as much information as possible to give your readers a vivid picture of each of the following characters: 1. Emily Grierson – When she died, the entire town went to her funeral for two reasons. 1: The men went through a short of respectful affection for the fallen monument and 2: the women out of curiosity to see the inside part of Emily’s house. Emily’s boyfriend that soon to be husband left her and she became depressed and stopped taking care of herself and her home. She also stopped paying taxes because she didn’t go out much but stayed mostly inside her house. Her father mostly ran her life and he never approved any guy to be worthy to marry his daughter so Emily didn’t get married. 2. Colonel Sartoris- Colonel Sartoris is the Mayor of the former town. When he was alive, he established the myth that the town had to take care of Emily so she didn’t have to pay taxes like everyone else had to. 3. Tobe-I think he is a caretaker. He does everything Emily tells him to do. I think that Tobe is an African American just like Emily. 4. Judge Stevens- He is an 80 year old man. He was the mayor of the town when Emily was alive, when a woman complained to him about the smell that was coming from Emily’s house he didn't know how to tell Emily, so he suggested that the men pour lime around the premises to get rid of the smell. 5. Homer Barron- He is described as a Yankee. Homer is described as a big dark man and his eyes are lighter than his face. His voice is big. He also makes people laugh and it said that Homer likes other men so I think he might be gay. Everyone thought he was married to Emily but he wasn’t he didn’t want to get married.|

Part II: "A Rose for Emily" - Analysis and Discussion |
1. The introduction to the lesson says that Faulkner's "great theme was the American...
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