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Free College Education in the U.S.A

Since we are about 5 years old, some of us, grow up going to public schools which are free to any of those who enroll. Public schools have been around since about 1635 when they were established in larger cities of each colony. As opposed to public schools, colleges have tuitions that we have to pay a certain cost for every semester depending on how many classes we take. My belief and proposal though is that financial aid for all students would be a beneficial change for colleges and universities. Just the same way we have free school from 5yrs old to 17-18yrs old, we should have the same for anyone wanting to go to college to further their education.

Education, along with financial aid, should be free for everyone who wants to get ahead in life and further their career of choice. With all the hardships and struggles that we have to go thru as students to pay for school, I believe many students get discouraged in pursuing a career and end working a minimum pay job forever. Financial aid for all, would ease the financial burdens of students having to work and go to school. If this choice would be available for us all, imagine the possibilities of becoming anything we could possibly dream of without any obstacles in our way. We would spend less time working and more time studying to pass our classes, and reach our goals of becoming successful independent individuals. Society nowadays, as well as my peers, is easily discouraged when it comes to attending college. It seems like such a difficult task to even get thru the enrollment process, that when a red light comes on, they just automatically give up the chance for a better future. Education is something that no American should be denied, especially if that individual has the intelligence and drive to want to better his/her future.

With financial aid available for every student, it would definitely allow for more diversity among college students. Low income and high...
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