English 101 Combination Essay

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Combination Essay

Football is one of Americas greatest pastimes. As families are just getting home from their Labor Day Vacation, football players are gearing up for a tough 22 game schedule. Football players are organized by positions on offense, defense and special teams. On kickoff weekend temperatures across the country are still relatively warm. The days, though, are getting visibly shorter. As weeks go by, the warm air of Summer becomes a fond memory and the bitter cold rears its unwelcome head. Snow begins falling, enough so that some schools are closed for the day. But for Football players, this is football weather.

First, football is a sport played with two teams of 11 players each. An oblong leather ball is used along with players wearing helmets and shoulder pads on a 100-yard by 55-yard field broken up into 10-yard increments with an end-zone on either end. Each team has four opportunities to advance 10-yards and ultimately reach the opposing teams end-zone by throwing or running the ball. Once a team has reached the end-zone the team can kick the ball in between two goal post for an extra point or they can opt for two points by throwing or running the ball into the end-zone again. Now, on each team there are 11 players that make up the offense, defense and the special teams. The offense tries to move the ball and get into the end-zone, while the defense tries to stop the offense by not letting them go past 10-yards, special teams is called in when an extra point is attempted or on a punt or kickoff. Next, these 11 players are assigned different positions on offense, defense and special teams. Offense has the Quarterback, wideouts, running backs and offensive lineman. On defense there’s the secondary, linebackers and defensive lineman. Furthermore, these players can be classified by their skill level such as being professional, semi-professional and amateur. Professional players obviously get paid a lot more than the others. Pro players...
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