Engineering Lab Report

Topics: Ampere, Electric current, Volt Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Lab Report #1 Meter Reading Summary
The objective of this experiment was to learn how to read different meters like the D.C. volt meter and the D.C. amperes meter. In all meters each big line is a major division and each little line in between is a minor division, and if there is a line smaller than the minor division lines then that would be a sub minor division. Each meter has a low, medium, and high range. For example on the D.C. volt meter the ranges go from top to bottom 150, 15, and 3.0. But on the D.C. ampere meter the ranges scale from bottom to top, bottom starting with 30, then 3.0, and lastly 1.5. The value of major divisions are equal high scale value over the number of major divisions so for example on the D.C. volt meter the high scale value is 150 then divide that by the # of major divisions which is 15 and you get 10 volts. To find the value of minor divisions you take the value of major divisions and divide it by the number of minor divisions. To find the value of a sub minor division you take the value of a minor division and divide it by the number of all sub minor divisions. To measure battery volts if you take a 9 volt battery and you measure volts to be 8.4 volts the condition of the battery is bad. If you measure the battery to be less volts than the rated volts of the battery the condition of the battery will always be bad. Learning how to read all these meters can be useful in future labs because now I have the knowledge of measuring volt and ampere meters and I can always find the readings of any meter. Also there is importance of understanding the scales in the outside world because bathroom scales, speedometers, even rulers all have major divisions so you can utilize this knowledge even in the real world.
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