Energy Efficiency

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Talking about the importance of energy efficiency measures in India, the first thing that comes to the mind is JNNURM mission, a joint initiative by the Ministry Of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation and the Ministry of Urban Development on behalf of the Government of India. But before going to the details of JNNURM mission it is important to first understand the importance and need of Energy Efficiency in the Indian context. The need for Energy Efficiency reforms can be discussed under the following headings:- 1) Need for Efficiency Enhancement:-

There is an urgent need to take measures to enhance efficiencies in urban service deliveries so that the problems arising out of shortages can be minimized.

2) Need for Sustainable Infrastructure Development:-
Identifying this critical issue, a provision has been made under the scope of JNNURM as the Sustainable Habitat Mission which addresses key issues like Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) that promotes Green Building Concepts.

3) Need for National Level Reform:-
There is perceive need to integrate the reform initiative in urban areas across different state in the country. It is important to set up reform linked assistance both financial and advisory to the State Governments.

4) Harnessing the Potential of Reform in Urban Development:- Several reforms have been initiated and more in the pipeline in order to harness the potential areas of development in Urban Infrastructure. Improving upon and developing better civic amenities is the way forward.

5) Need for a mission-led initiative:-
Unless the provision for development are taken up by the Government in the form of specific and focussed missions which attempt to improve the infrastructure and increase energy efficiency, the progress will be very slow and it will be very difficult to realize the full potential for economic growth.


Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission or JNNURM has been launched with a following mission statement:- “The aim is to encourage reforms and fast track planned development of identified cities. Focus is to be on efficiency in urban infrastructure and ‘service delivery mechanism, community participation and accountability of Urban Local Bodies or Parastatal agencies towards citizens.”

The main objectives with which this mission has been launched are discussed below:- 1) Focussed attention to integrated development of infrastructure services in cities covered under the Mission.

2) Creating a strong link between asset-creation and asset-management through different reforms to ensure long term sustainability.

3) Ensuring that adequate funds are arranged to bring in the proposed reforms and development schemes in urban areas.

4) Well planned out development initiatives for peri-urban areas and outgrowth to ensure dispersed urbanization facilities.

5) Upgrading the civic amenities and providing better and more efficient service facilities with emphasis on universal access to the urban poor.

6) Special attention on urban renewable program for old cities to reduce the problem of congestion.

7) Providing basic services to the urban poor which would include measures like providing affordable prices and ensuring social security.

The scope of the mission has been divided into two parts:-

1) Sub-Mission I for urban infrastructure and governance which will be monitored by the Ministry of Urban Development. The main thrust of the sub mission will be on infrastructure projects relating to water supply sewerage ,solid waste management ,road network, urban transport and redevelopment of old city areas.

2) Sub-Mission II for basic services to the urban poor which will be under the administration of the Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation. The main thrust areas of this sub-mission...
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