Endangered Animal

Topics: Giant Panda, Natural environment, Endangered species Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: January 23, 2011
There are less than 1,600 Giants Pandas left in the world, this doesn’t only make them endangered, but at risk of being extinct. Most panda’s live in China; China is known as a developed Country. There are barley any trees, and the air is very contaminated. Panda’s habitats are being destroyed to build factories whom will pollute the air and destroy everything they’ve got. There are many solutions that can be use to help this unfortunate animals. With the help of science, cloning the animals wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Or even have a large space, a forest that contains everything a panda needs. Special fences can be use around this area so the animals won’t go away. Put as many pandas as possible. No one would be allowed to use this territory; it would only be use to save Giant Pandas!

Cloning is a smart solution; it will help to contain more animals than what there is now. Although cloning animals could be very risky. When cloning animals many things could go wrong, not only that, but it is very expensive. It’s more convening to have a large natural space were these creatures can live. Donations can be use to make this solution happened; there could be a foundation for animals in danger. All though the animal won’t have his freedom the panda will be safe and hopefully they will live in a natural environment were there habitats won’t get destroyed.

The environment is developing every once in a while, new things are build and there are barley any trees on earth. Panda’s are having an environmental problem. Cutting down trees make them starve to death, and they’ve got no were to climb. These amazing creatures are feed by bamboo, only bamboo, and destroying their food won’t make this situation any better. Science helps develop technology, but I thinkwe can use science for better resources like helping Pandas.

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