End of the 20th Century Matrix

Topics: World Wide Web, Taxation in the United States, North American Free Trade Agreement Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: December 23, 2012
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End of the 20th Century Matrix

Choose ten items from the following list and identify their significance during the 1990s and beyond:

|Earned Income Tax Credit |Economic prosperity under Clinton | |E-mail |Creating a budget surplus | |NAFTA |The Internet and the World Wide Web | |Telecommunications |The Brady Bill | |Somalia and Rwanda |Apple | |Internet marketing |Digital divide | |Kosovo |Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell | |Cell phones |Microsoft |

|Event |Significance | |Don’t ask, Don’t tell |This policy was implemented, by President Clinton to add to a prior policy which was denying admittedly gay | | |individuals into the military. This “revised” policy allowed gay individuals the right to not disclose their| | |preference, however, repercussions could still occur if it was discovered later. This was definitely a step | | |in the right direction for equal rights to all, but there are still hurdles to overcome. | |E-mail...
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