End Justify Means

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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At the beginning of an action we might not know whether the action is morally correct or wrong but when morally right goal is successfully achieved we might say all the steps which lead to reach to this goal was correct and hence the beginning of the journey was appropriate. If the goals are good and noble then steps which are used to achieve them are also noble and good then yes end does justify its means. But desired morally correct goal can also be achieved by taking unethical, unpleasant or illegal ways. Inspite of achieving morally correct goal, end doesn’t justify the mean because the foundation on which success is lead is built on wrong deeds. This phrase is usually misinterpreted as it doesn’t matter how one get the desired goal as long as the goal is achieved but if a person is successful in achieving his desired goal in whatever means he could then can the entire process of struggle be justified???? The answer may not be yes. For example a person is shortlisted for a promotion and there are two candidates for same post and so sure short removal of one would attain him the position and he takes the wrong path. He conspires to kill the other person and proves it to be just an accident. So that no one could have a clue of his intensions .Now he gets the promotion without any competition, his goal of promotion is achieved but the means how he got it is morally incorrect and hence it cannot justify the steps which lead to his promotion. Thus it is not only the end but the entire process of achieving a morally correct goal will justify the means.
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