Topics: Mass media, Journalism, News media Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The changes in the news media landscape
Mass media is a powerful engine, which keeps people updated with current events. Spreading news among the people was developing through the years: from the old-fashioned printed newspapers to the bottomless and unlimited electronic sources. The current media landscape is a constantly changing fact and largely based online. It is hard to meet a person in a modern society who doesn’t read news. From the statistics we can see that number of people who use their electronic devices for gathering information is growing from year to year. Many news sources have faced a bunch of problems. They had to preserve their popularity and significance in a present news media landscape. It is hard to imagine our life without a mighty news resource in your pocket today. With modern technologies in our hands like smartphones, tablets and computers we are becoming the actors in mass media world. We can easily find, share and discuss any information we are interested in online. Seems like we can have all mass media resources in one hands 24/7 hours. As technology offered consumers new choices, it upended traditional news industry models, resulting in massive job losses. If the people can get information for free why do they have to pay for that? We can find online resource of any newspaper now. They made a free access to it, but at the same time they have lots of privileges for the members like access to all newspaper online content, invitation to different social event, dinners and other stuff for free. Moreover, today we have media sources like Facebook and Twitter where news appears first. Users can share their opinions by posting the news on the wall. The Boston Globe web site has a similar option reprint which gives you an opportunity to order a hard copy of any particular newspaper or an article. Newspapers are trying to be competitive, despite it is very hard. People mostly prefer to use free information instead of paying for that....
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