Employer Branding & Talent Management

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Employer Branding & Talent Relationship Management Improving the Organizational Recruitment Approach

Paper by: Robin Jeffrey KATOEN and Andreas MACIOSCHEK Review by: Ileana Barbulescu I Construction Specialist Consultant



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Employer Branding

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Talent Relationship Management

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Final Considerations

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“I have a respect for manners as such they are a way of dealing with people you don't agree with or like” Margaret MEAD

This study comes in a time when, due to increasing job mobility on the labour market, approaching, acquiring and retaining talented employees has become a tricky challenge to the Human Resources Management. The paper we are reviewing is a scientific research; the authors are interested to determine several practical characteristics of two relatively new concepts: Employer Branding [EB] and Talent Relationship Management [TRM]. EB and TRM are border concepts; they emerged as a consequence of transfers and integration of Marketing concepts [EB] and Sales I Client Relationship Management concepts [TRM] in the Human Resources functions. Employer Branding is a concept defining strategies of attracting new, valuable [usually young] professionals to companies that register numerous “junior” job openings; Talent Relationship Management aims to define good strategies of retaining and correctly promoting endowed professionals. The research is conducted on students and young graduates who are currently employees of four international companies: Volvo, Ernst & Young, SweedBank, and ABB Company. The research has several objectives: establishing what an effective EB strategy needs to contain; establishing how should the concept of EB be managed in order to attract, recruit and retain high potential candidates [internal & external determinants]; clarifying how TRM approach should be successfully managed ; finding out which instruments are essential to sustain a pool of highly skilled and motivated candidates over a long period of time [how to prioritize different TRM instruments?]

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Employer Branding

Employer Branding is, the authors state, an innovative concept that links Marketing [Brand Management] to HRM. EB develops the company brand and helps employers to create an appealing image of the organization for the skilled “candidates”. In this meaning, the theory of EB gathers Marketing Concepts such as: branding, identification, image, reputation, and Human Resources specific concepts: organizational identity and employee satisfaction. The role of brands are vital for any kind of business nowadays, and the classical “Do you drive a car or a Volkswagen?” becomes “ Do you work for a company or do you work for Vodafone?”. This phenomenon is often found in young employees [22-26 years old]; results show that young professionals value companies with strong EB; these are among their first choices of employment, leaving far behind SMB businesses as well as international companies which do not have strong communication to their “future employees”. The research is also studying the relationship between the employee’s satisfaction and the customer’s satisfaction of a certain company. It is the authors’ findings that employee’s satisfaction brings on customer’s satisfaction. Further on, transgressing theories from marketing to HR, the authors show that: strong brands offer its’ customer [consumer] identity and means of expressing himself; EB shows that a strong employer should provide an identity to an employee, a personal reputation or image. However, EB should be consistent in a sense that what is communicated to future employees must be the true story about what is actually happening inside the company. It is essential that employees at all levels are aware of the culture, norms and values of the organization.

“It takes...
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