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4.1.1EMPLOYEMENT OF FOREIGN LABOUR IN THE PLANTATION INDUSTRY In Malaysia the agricultural sector is experiencing a shortage of labour because of the rural to urban migration of youth to work in factories. Although the labour requirement in forest plantations is less then in agriculture it still has to compete for labour in an expanding Malaysian economy where the working conditions in other industries are usually more conducive. A natural tendency is for the plantation sector to engage foreign workers. The foreign labour recruitment process had never been efficient. The weaknesses have been attributed to inconsistent government policy on foreign workers’ employment coupled with lack of dedication of the foreign workers resulting in extremely high turnover of manpower. With the Malaysian aim to achieving the status of a developed nation the government has embarked on an aggressive industrialization programmed as a means of achieving the national goal. Such policy coupled with improved educational level among the population since independence has led to a general dislike of manual labour particularly in plantations by local populace. Increasingly the plantation sector relies on foreign workers to fill the void. It is estimated that foreign workers account for some 65% and 90% of the plantation work force in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah respectively. The increasing also due to them pays less to the foreign labour. Event though they pay cheap for hiring foreign labour, plantation owners should not just focus on profits but provide also more facilities to attract workers to the industry. Apart from facilities, they should consider housing, opportunities to be more productive and motivation, among others, to entice potential Malaysian workers. This initiative is in line with the growing involvement of the plantation companies in discharging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and in tandem with the Government's efforts to improve the welfare of oil palm workers. In the long term, this move would attract a bigger pool of local workforce and reduce dependency on foreign labour especially in the plantation sector. WORKERS IN TAI TAK COMPANY

As a company that involving in the palm oil plantation it required a higher labour. However, it also can increase the cost of production. Because of that, Tai Tak company are also hiring foreign labour in order to reduce the cost of production. However, about 70% to 80% of the company labour is from foreign labour. This includes workers from Indonesia and also Nepal. Based on the Table A it can be seen the different between local and foreign workers in this company. Its shows that the company most prefers to hire foreign workers rather than hiring local labour. According to staff in Tai Tak company, they start hiring foreign labour since 1980 which is since 20 years ago. This is because not many local labour are interested to work in plantation industry. Due to that, the company faced labour shortage so in order to find a solution they are hiring foreign labour which is have no problem working in this industry and also are paying less than local labour. INFLUENCE FOREIGN LABOUR IN THE COMPANY
Many employers especially those in the plantation sector, prefer foreign labour because of a lot of reason. Based on the interview made with the staff in Ladang Tai Tak, here is a few of reason why they prefer to hire foreign labour in this company. Fill Up Vacancies

Tai Tak Company also facing an issue regarding a labour shortage even they still faced the problem until now. This might be because it is an employers in some sectors and industries that facing great difficulties in getting local to work with them. These sectors are including construction, plantation, and manufacturing (furniture, garments, gloves, and electronics). Locals shun away from these industries because of the not so...
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