Employees First Customer Second Book Analysis

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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After having read the book ´Employees first, customers second´ by Vyneet Nayar, reflect upon the following questions and elaborate your answers. The project must be done in groups of 2-3 max. and be approx. 5 pages long, 12 Times New Roman, 1,5 spacing. Please consult the materials posted in the blackboard first:

1. What was the leadership style Vyneet came with at the beginning of his mandate? Can you give 3 examples of actions he took and which reflect this leadership style and explain? 2. Why does he decide to turn management upside down? How does he do it? 3. What communication techniques does Vyneet use in order to inspire his employees to follow him and to gain their support of his mission? SSD, 360 Feedback

As CEO, Vyneet displayed a transformational and unconventional leadership style through his actions right from the beginning. He was so passionate about enabling change that even before taking the job he made sure that his approach was going to be respected and allowed by his boss. He started his journey as he calls it by creating a need for change and following his own philosophy “mirror mirror” where all the employees across the organization including himself were going to make a thorough assessment of their current situation and feelings towards the company; this consequently was going to be the catalyst that would initiate the real search for change. His next step was to build trust through transparency, to create a culture of change. This probed to be a crucial step in the transformation of his company and the success of his visionary method. The next significant step he took towards change was to invert the organizational pyramid; this in turn was going to be the structure for change. His thought process in inverting the management pyramid was that the people who really had the biggest impact in the productivity of the company and interacted the most with the customers ‘the value zone’ were not being enabled by those in higher...
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