Employability: Multiple Choice and Literature Review

Topics: Multiple choice, Writing, Peer review Pages: 17 (5170 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Note that there are two documents for this Assignment. 1) This INSTRUCTION document that provides the information that you need to correctly complete the assignment 2) A TEMPLATE FILE (that you must RENAME to indicate your own details) and on which you will complete your answers. This is the ONLY file that you will submit for this assignment. Please make sure that you have correctly named the file and that you have indicated all your answers (multiple choice as well as the literature review) on this file BEFORE submitting on MyUnisa by the due date. Before you continue, first create a copy of the TEMPLATE file for Assignment 01 and RENAME it to clearly indicate your own details on the file to be submitted on the myUnisa assignment submission system. OPEN THE TEMPLATE FILE FOR ASSIGNMENT 01 FOR SEMESTER 1 AND SAVE IT IN A SAFE PLACE WITH YOUR OWN FILENAME – WE SUGGEST THAT YOU USE YOUR STUDENT NUMBER AND SURNAME IN THE FILE NAME AS FOLLOWS: STUDENTNO_SURNAME_INITIALS_HMEMS80_2012S1_ASS01 For example, student James Bond, with student number 1007007 will save his file with the name (1007007_BOND_J_HMEMS80_2012S1_ASS01)

This assignment is a written one and consists of two parts. Section A consists of 10 multiple-choice questions for 10 marks. Note that you must use the table included in this typed single assignment document to provide your answers – since the ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT must be contained in a single document for onscreen marking purposes. Your literature review, which will count 50 marks, will be completed in Section B. The score on the assignment will be 1

reworked to a percentage score. The mark for this assignment will count half of the year mark while Assignment 02 will count the other half towards your year mark. (Refer to the information provided in the “Assessment Orientation” Week 0 Resource 4 document. HMEMS80 2012 ASSIGNMENT 01 SECTION A: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS In this section of this instruction document for Assignment 01 we provide the multiple choice questions so that you can prepare your answers. Please indicate your answers to the multiple-choice questions in the answer block provided in the template file. The ten questions count 10 marks (1 mark per correct answer). These questions are based on a case study with applied questions. Indicate your answers in the answer block provided in the template file as part of the written document. Submit your total Assignment 01 in one single text document - do NOT submit the multiple choice question answers separately!!

TOPIC FOR ASSIGNMENT 01 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS In line with the theme of Employability that we have chosen to use for this module we will guide you through the steps in a typical research proposal. For now, you will not need to write a proposal – as you will be expected to do towards the end of this module – but you do need to understand the steps in the process and should be able to show some initial understanding of the process and application of the content and steps involved. We will evaluate your understanding by means of multiple choice questions based on an example case study. A researcher who does research on the employability of postgraduate students who study at an open distance university (such as Unisa), wants to find out whether there are differences in the rates of employability of the different generation groups. She is only considering the working population aged between 18 and 60 years of age, so for her research she will not consider people born before 1950 or after 1993. For the purpose of this research, she has used the following year ranges to indicate the age/generation categories:


• • •

Birth dates between 1950 and 1964 – baby boomer generation (aged between 48 and 60 in 2011) Birth dates between 1964 and 1984 – generation X (aged between 27 and 47 in 2011) Birth dates between 1985 and 1993 – generation Y (aged between 18...
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