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February 20, 1226

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Beijing Downtown Ave.
355 N. Emperor Palace.

Dear Emperor,

I am a 25 years old highly educated scholar from Beijing, China. Since I graduated from the economic department, I am thinking of getting a government job in China that would suit me, like the Minister of Economic Affairs or the Minister of Finance.

You know people like us, scholars, have to pass civil service exam, which is really difficult. Therefore, I wouldn’t do shoddy works, neither being loaf on the jobs. Or else, that would just be a shame and a waste of my hard working before. A dignity, insult for every scholar. Assume that I got the job of being the Minister of Economic Affairs; the economy in China would be prosperity, since studying Economics, you will examine topics of obvious importance to human well-being. Increasingly, policy debate in all areas is being cast in economic terms and understanding most current issues requires an understanding of Economics. Which means I can construct several policies to import and export things that will have great advantages for China in any situation and in any time. Because the skills acquired in studying Economics are transferable, so I am obviously the best candidate to become either the Minister of Economic Affairs or the Minister of Finance. Last but not least, I would surely spend hours to collect taxes from those stingy aristocrats, those †hat refuse to pay taxes!!

Think about this, if you give the scholar official jobs to a foreigner, they might have selfish motivates towards their own country, which would seriously harm China’s economy. Another reason for not hiring a foreigner is because when other countries realize that China got a foreign department head instead of Chinese, other countries might have negative thoughts about China, or even mocking China. For example, they might think that there are no Chinese who has the qualification to...
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