Empathy Journals

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Empathy Journals I - XXXIX
I.I can relate to Pip because, he just had a man yell at him (the convict) threatening his life, saying he has to have this stuff to him by morning. I may have never had my life threatened but, I can still understand. When on of my parents yells it feels like my life is being threatened. I can also relate because, his sister ( Mrs. Joe) Isn't very nice. She wants the everybody to feel pitty for her because she has to raise her brother. My older sister is just like that and its extremely irritating but I can't be mean to her, just like Pip can't be mean to his sister. II.I can relate to Pip because, he gets a terrible feeling for stealing from his sister at dinner. He gets caught and beat for this behavoir. This I understand because it used to happen to me when I was little if I didn't finish my dinner or refused to eat it. Then he steals more food and a file for the man and feels terrible and scared. Easy to relate to that. I used to get that feeling if my parents said I coouldn't have something and I took it anyways while they were sleeping because my friends wanted it. III.I cant relate to Pip because, he goes looking for the man but finds a different one and gets attacked which scares him. I've confused people with other people before. I may not have gotten hit but I still felt embarassed and scared slightly. Then Pip finds the origional convict and feels bad for him even though he threatened him. I get that way a lot with people. Even if they were incredibly mean to me if I see them suffering I still feel terrible and want to help. Even if my kindness back fires because of something I've said. IV.I can relate to Pip because, he goes home feeling terrible even though he helped a man. I felt that way when I was little and I would help my mom even though my dad said not to. I also understand how he feels at Christmas dinner because hes stuck between two good men. Everybody is talking down to Pip and saying how they feel bad for Mrs. Joe and how bad Pip is. I had that feeling when I was little with my mom at holidays. I used to never listen and all she did was tell the family how bad of a child I was. And they would all sit at the table and talk about how bad I was. V.I can relate to Pip because, the policemen come to get their handcuffs fixed but Pip thinks its for him. I get this way when I know I've done something I shouldn't and my mom just scares me with her presences. Pip and joe go to help look for the two convicts and find them, Pip's convict says that he stole the food and the file keeping Pip out of trouble. I know this feeling well. I know how Pip feels being saved from getting in trouble and I know how the convict feels taking the blame. Any kid with sibling, like myself knows this feeling because, we watch out for each other and take the blame. Its a good/bad feeling when you're not the one taking the blame. VI.I can relate to Pip because, I know how it feels to be so tired you have to be carried. Every child does. Pip feels guilty because of not telling Joe the truth. I know how that feels with my family because I love them and trust them but, I still don't tell them everything and lie a lot. VII.I can relate to Pip because, he is struggling in school and I have that feelings all the time. Trying to learn and deal with the stress of guilt is hard. I can understand how Pip feels when Joe is very excited about how well Pip is doing in school thats a great feeling to have. I love when my parents get excited about my grades and tell me how proud they are. Then Mrs. Joe and Mr. Pumblechook tell Pip hes going to Miss. Havisham's to play. I dont like when people tell me I'm going somewhere, nor do I like to be forced to do so. Its very irritating. VIII.I can relate to Pip because, Estella is very rude for what seems like no reason. I hate when people are rude right off the bat. Its worse when I think the person is pretty because it keeps me from thinking they're rude. Miss....
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