Emily's List: Women in Politics

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EMILY's List: Women in Politics
Emily’s List is a political interest group dedicated to promoting the equality of women in the political scene by electing pro-choice Democratic women to office. The process begins with the recruitment of strong pro-choice Democratic women candidates to run in viable political opportunities. Local communities are then informed about these women and asked to donate to the campaigns of candidates for the House, Senate, and governor. Furthermore, extensive training for the candidates and staff is provided to ensure they can make the most of the limited sources and succeed through the toughest of elections. Finally, and perhaps the most essential step in the process, Emily’s List reaches out to women voters in the days and weeks before Election Day with tactfully persuasive messages that motivate them to cast their ballots for progressive Democrats, following the philosophy “When Women Vote, Women Win!” In 1985, with humble beginnings, 25 women gathered in Ellen Malcolm's basement with the intent to send letters to their friends and gain support for a new organization dedicated to raising money for pro-choice Democratic women who wanted to be elected in office. Malcolm continued as the president of EMILY's List, until 2010, when Stephanie Schriock took over. However, Malcolm remains involved as the Chairwoman of the EMILY's List Board of Directors. Since the start of this organization, they have assisted in electing "80 women to the House of Representatives, along with 15 Senators, nine governors, and hundreds of women to state and local offices across the country" ("Ellen"). In addition, the group has overcome some important milestones and set historical records in expanding woman's roles in office. For example, in the third year of being an active interest group, nearly one million dollars had been raised as they recommended nine congressional candidates to more than 2,000 members. Furthermore, in 1993, Carol Moseley...
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