Embezzlement: Theft and White Collar Crime

Topics: Theft, Crimes, Criminology Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: August 4, 2008

In this study we will analyze why companies and individuals decide to embezzle money from companies and or people from sales that work is not yet completed. We will discuss what embezzlement is and who commits these types of crimes. This is a very sticky subject to many people as it can really affect their life in a negative manner. I believe this is a serious topic to look at and gain awareness of so we can stop these criminals from hurting us and our companies that provide jobs for so many. During the research process we will be looking at many different types of embezzlement and what type’s individuals or companies take part in doing the embezzling. We will also see how this badly affects families and individuals that are taken advantage of. In this project I will discuss 3 different situations where embezzlement has occurred and what the consequences were and how everyone was affected. Also a key part of this project is having the facts that will back up opinions and past happenings. I will gain information via books, internet sites, interviews, and magazine articles. The more information brought to our attention will benefit us a great deal as we will know why and how this type of white collar crime can take place and should provide us with ways to avoid these predicaments.

I also believe it is very important to look at past and present situations and compare the way these criminals have performed the crime and see if they are being slyer about it now and if there is any way to detect this type of crime immediately. Interviewing someone who has experienced this themselves or someone who knows of someone else who has been defrauded is a great source as they will know more facts and we can get in-depth facts. This project will be great for awareness and to get the facts so we know what to look out for as far as whom and when we invest our money. We will look at many different sources and different situations and compare the...
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