Elvis Outline & Bibliography

Topics: Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Memphis, Tennessee Pages: 3 (285 words) Published: January 7, 2009
This is my thesis, outline, bibliography, and sources that I used for my Enriched English class. enjoy C:

Thesis: Elvis Presley revolutionized the world of music, and has impacted the lives of many.

I. Elvis Lives On
A. New Music
1. Opened black music to the world
2. Combined gospel, blues, and country to form a new type of music
B. Nicknames
1. The King
2. Elvis the Pelvis
C. Graceland
1. Historical Site
2. Worldwide Visitors
II. Birth
A. Tupelo, Mississippi
1. Jesse Garon

III. Childhood
A. Beliefs
1. Church
B. Morals
C. School

IV. Homes
A. Tupelo
B. Memphis
C. Jobs

V. Discovery
A. Sam Phillips

VI. Music Career
A. Albums
B. Records
1. Most Record Sales

VII. World War II
A. Drafting

VIII. Movie Career
A. Hollywood

IX. Gladys
A. Relationship
B. Death

X. Generosity
A. Charities
1. “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii by Satellite.”
B. Random Acts of Kindness
1. Cadillac
2. Diamond Watch

XI. Priscilla
A. Meeting
1. World War II
B. Marriage
1. Problems
C. Lisa Marie
D. Divorce

XII. Death
A. Mourning World
1. Lowered Flags
B. Funeral
1. Visitation
2. Thousands of Fans

XIII. After Death
A. Mourning World
B. Sales
C. Graceland

____________________________________________________________ ________________


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