Ellen Moore Case

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  • Published : March 10, 2011
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-Ellen Moore- systems consulting group consultant.
-Andrew Kilpatrick – senior consultant on a joint North American company and Korean consulting project. -
-Korean kteam very reluctant to setup meetings. Page 2, 4th para, Andrew on the other side generally meets the client mgmt prior to preparing the proposal. -Meetings didn’t turn out fruitful at all. They were talking the same thing every time. -She had never worked in korea before, docs on korea not entirely accurate. -Scott first time in Korea.

-Page 5 Koreans follow traditional customs, strongly influenced by Confucian values. -Korean consultants refused to interview the customers, bcoz they did not want to disturb them. -Client team members frequently came to Korean consultants offices and asked them to work on activities which were beyond the scope. -Korean consultants misunderstand page 8 para 1

-Unusual for a subordinate to leave office before the boss leaves. Page 8 -Korean consultants never used to ask questions. Page 8
-Women have restrictions in korea page 8
-Jack had never worked on a system implementation project and never worked on a consulting project. -Stepping into each others territory, jack and Ellen.
-Korean TMs always followed jacks instructions. Page10
-Jack was giving directions to his team, leading them to different paths -Koreans inexperienced to do SI.
-They are behind schedule because the team is inexperienced wrt the concerned application and

-They were tremendously impressed with Andrew and his line of interest. -She had never worked in korea before, doc on korea not entirely accurate. -She tried to read the Korean language, while going back in the car. Business etiquette also. -Korean teams did have team building activities. But was unusual.
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