Topics: Social class, Elite, Working class Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: December 18, 2012
When I define an “elite” person, I believe it is a person who was born into money, grew up with it, had a higher education than most, and went on to succeed in everything they did. That being said, there are two definite sides to whether or not elite people have the ability to represent people of lower levels of society. I believe elite people are very much able to be representatives of people from other strata in society, but I find that it is often harder for them to do. The negative side of an “elite” person representing a group of people with lower statuses is that the “elite” person will NEVER be able to fully understand those below him/her. This is because the elite have never experienced the hardships, and the poverty in their lives. Like the famous idiom, “Walk a mile in their shoes.” Meaning, that you will never be able to fully understand someone’s needs, hopes, and dreams until you have tried to live like them. Unfortunately, no one ever WANTS to live like the lower class, and thus politicians and others can never quite help them correctly because they do not understand. It is also hard for elite people to understand someone who never had things that you take for granted, such as a cell phone, TV, or something as simple as their own bed. One will never quite sympathize correctly with someone they do not understand. The positive side of an elite person representing people from other strata in society is that they have the ability to make a difference in those lives, if they so choose. A famous quote that has always held true is, “Listening is the key to success.” If elite people, people of power, were to just sit and TRULY listen to the needs and demands of those they are representing, then our country would be a real democracy. We need those elite people to help guide us, but always hear our needs and dreams. Fortunately there are elite people who really care, and are willing to come down to lower class to help. Sometimes, in interesting cases, a...
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