Electrotherapy: Skin and Machine

Topics: Skin, Electricity, Alternating current Pages: 9 (2484 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Face & Body Electrotherapy

By Susan O’Donnell Class 1C
HND Beauty Therapy 2012


IntroductionPage 3
History of ElectrotherapyPage 4
Health & Safety at Work LegislationPage 5
High FrequencyPage 6
Facial GalvanicPage 7
Body GalvanicPage 8
Faradic BodyPage 9
Facial Vacuum SuctionPage 10
Vacuum Suction BodyPage 11
Infra-Red BodyPage 12
Paraffin Wax BodyPage 13
Vibratory MassagePage 14
ConclusionPage 15
Referencespage 16


Electrotherapy is a range of beauty treatments that use electrical currents passed through the skin to produce several therapeutic effects. In this report I have researched and written about 9 different treatments and the effects that they have on the body. Electrotherapy needs to be used appropriately by a trained professional. It is important to understand each machine and its functions and benefits to make a decision regarding the right treatment for your client. Although I have only used some of these machines a few times, I have enjoyed the experience of both giving these treatments and receiving them. I look forward to using these machines more in the future.

History of Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy was developed by a man called Guillaume Duchenne. Duchenne publicly announced in 1855 that when electricity flowed into a muscular area of the human body, there was a reaction. The reaction that was produced by the contact flow of electricity was that the muscle began to contract as soon as the electricity made direct contact with the desired muscles. He also realised that the type of electrical current aided the success of electrotherapy, as the wrong type of electrical current would blister and/or burn the human muscles and surrounding tissues.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

This piece of legislation gives responsibilities to both the employer and the employee. Electricity at work regulations act 1992
This act states that:
* You should always check electrical equipment before use. * A qualified electrician should check all pieces of electrical equipment in the workplace annually. * Any equipment that is broken or damaged should not be used. This includes things such as exposed wires, cracked sockets etc. * Sockets should never be overloaded.

Precautions/Checks that should be followed when using electrical equipment * Equipment must comply with British safety standard.
* The equipment must be wired correctly and checked by a qualified electrician every 12 months – a sticker would indicate this. * Place electrical equipment on a solid, stable trolley.
* Place equipment within easy reach to prevent overstretching of wires. * No liquid should be placed near the electrical equipment. * Leads should not be dangling.
* Equipment must be cleaned regularly.
* Always check the equipment is working properly before use – remember it is your responsibility to check the equipment every time. * Dials should be returned back to zero or turned off each time after use. * Always insert batteries correctly to avoid damaging the equipment. When purchasing a piece of electrotherapy you should consider the following: * Only purchase from a reputable company.

* Look for the CE mark to show that the machine meets with the electrical safety standards. * Check that the machine has a guarantee.
* Consider if the manufacturer provides support or training. * Investigate if the manufacturer supplies a replacement machine if the machine becomes faulty. * If unsure as for a demonstration – exhibitions are good places to research electrical equipment and observe demonstrations.

High Frequency

The high frequency machine can be used on both the body and the face. This involves the application of a glass electrode directly onto the skin. There are two methods of application, direct and indirect.

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