Electoral College Outdated

Topics: President of the United States, Voting, Elections Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: October 24, 2012
The Electoral College is an old and outdated system. Granted it has worked for over 200 years and has elected 44 presidents in the United States, but it needs to be changed. At the time the founding fathers believed that this was a good system and that it would truly represent Democracy. However, now it actually turns people away from voting because they thing their vote doesn’t count. People become discouraged from voting because if you are a republican living in a highly democratic state, essentially your vote doesn’t count.

The Electoral College is screaming for a change. Americans need to protest and get the law makers to open their eyes and come up with a constitutional amendment to completely abandon the Electoral College. No long should it be a winner take all system, or a system of regardless of who you vote for, it really doesn’t matter unless you live in a battleground state. Your voice doesn’t matter. CNN shouldn’t be able to project the election in July like they do now. The president or presidential candidate won’t even come to your state if he knows he will either win by a landslide, or lose by one. They only focus on about 10 battleground states. I strongly believe we should get rid of the Electoral College and just go to a straight popular vote. People may argue that only 3 times before has the candidate with the most popular votes, so why get rid of it. Well, if that candidate won a state by only a few hundred votes, they get all Electoral College votes for that state. Leaving the other candidate with no votes, and falling behind in the election. If it was straight popular vote essentially the states wouldn’t matter as a whole, but every single vote in the state would.
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