Election Campaigns

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  • Published : February 8, 2011
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Section 17-1
I.Election Campaigns
Need to know info
A.Running for political office is very expensive
B.National elections select all representatives and 1/3 of the senators are held every 2 years C.Senators & representatives spend huge amounts of time and effort to raise money for their campaigns D.People running for big office positions need to have access to very big amounts of money to run their campaigns E.The presidential campaign isn’t only costly, it is also very time consuming and I very complex process, the reward for the winner is the most powerful position in government.

II.Electing President
A.Candidates for president begin organizing their stuff for their campaign almost a year before hand B.Primary races in the spring help to narrow the field of candidates C.Following the national conventions in late summer, the presidential campaigns become intense by early September. D.The first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month of November is election day.

III.Electoral Votes and the States
A.To be elected president, a candidate must win at least 270 of the 530 available electoral votes. B.The total electoral vote is equal to the number of representatives and senators from all states, plus 3 votes from Washington, D.C. C.Each state’s electoral vote is the total number of its senators and representatives in congress. D.The candidate who wins the greatest number of popular votes in any state usually receives that entire states electoral vote. E. To win the presidency, a candidate must pay special attention throughout the campaign to those states with large populations. This is because the larger population a state has the more electoral votes they get. F.A presidential candidate who won the votes of the 11 largest states would get the 270 votes needed to win the presidency. G.The bigger states will be visited more by the candidate during the campaign and its citizens will also see and hear more advertisements...
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