Eladio T. Balite Memorial School of Fisheries Online Information System

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This thesis is submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology



Background of the Study
Have you ever come to think that not so long ago, the letters WWW and words like Internet and Google were as foreign as what “sundo’t kulangot” is to most people? But their popularity, ever since they landed in the Philippines has increased gradually. With the advent of new technology computer and communication has become two powerful offspring of the information age. From them aroused a torrent of technological change. Today, another popular way of communicating aside from a personal conversation, phone conversation and text messaging is with the use of computers. Computers range in size and capability. At one end of the scale are supercomputers, very large computers with thousands of linked microprocessors that perform extremely complex calculations. There are various kinds of personal computers; it includes desktops, laptops, handheld computers, and Tablet PCs. This way of communicating using these kinds of computer is what happens when people go-online on the internet. The internet as we know it really, is not very old. The forerunner of the internet, ARPANET, was created in the 1960’s for military and scientific use. Its main purpose was to maintain communication in case a nuclear war or natural disaster knocked out critical pieces of their communication systems. At that time, only researchers and other specialized users could access the network. Later, several technological breakthroughs made the internet accessible to business, educational institutions, and the average household.The researchers proposed a website for Eladio T. Balite Memorial School of Fisheries Website. The said school is located in the Municipality of Bobon, Northern Samar, formerly Bobon School of Fisheries, a secondary school which provides vocational education, particularly fishery education and training to its clienteles since 1963. The Republic Act 34031 of the late Congressman Eladio T. Balite, an illustrious son of Bobon, marked the birth of the institution. Until this date, it is still up and running. Institutions though live in an ever changing environment and their survival depends upon their ability to adapt to new demands and opportunities. This has just been more profound as technology revolutionizes the lifestyles and work styles of an individual or an organization. A lot of schools having a website are coming to the open too. The problems the researchers and the school came to an agreement about are their difficulty in reaching out with their alumni and information dissemination to its members. Only those who haven’t lost their contact numbers with others maintain the communication line. People access the internet to be able to visit a website. According to Yahoo, there are already a whopping 29,700,000 Internet users as of 2010 in the Philippines, -- that's almost 30% of our entire population. That is why the researchers decided to propose a website for the Eladio T. Balite Memorial School of Fisheries, to help improve the school’s promotion practices, to help parents track their children’s activity as well to reach out with their alumni, as announcements and events will be made online. At the end of the study the proposed system will be a useful tool for the school to disseminate information to its members and build awareness of the institution to others through the internet. Statement of the Study

This study was conducted to design a website for the Eladio T. Balite Memorial School of Fisheries (ETBMSF) Online Information System. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the design of a website of the ETBMSF in terms of:

1.1 data;
1.2 process;
1.3 programming language?
2. What is the level of...
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