El Filibusterismo Summary

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  • Published: February 15, 2013
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It began with a trip to the craft between Manila and Laguna. Among the passengers to Simuon jeweler, was Isagani, and Basilio. Thirteen years have passed since the death of Elijah and Sisa. Basilio reached San Diego and a historic meeting he saw Simuon to visit the grave of his mother inside the tomb of Ibarra. He met Simuon was Ibarra to Incognito: To hide this secret, Simoun attempted to kill Basilio. Without it naituloy has recruited young men to join him in his goal to avenge Spanish Government. Basilio was refused because she wanted to finish her studies. While the Captain General is sightseers in Los Baños, the Philippines students filed a request to him to establish an Academy of the Spanish Language. This request is not approved for the findings of this academic govern the friars. Therefore, they have no right to rule on any other conduct of such academics. Meanwhile, Simuon met with Basilio and again encouraged the young man to join his rebellion and intend to preside over a lot to be forced open in the convent of Sta. Clara to kidnap Maria Clara. But not naibunsod this task because Clara'y Mary died in that afternoon. The students also, to makapaglubag their displeasure about the failure gains, held a party in Panciteria Macanista de Buen want. In the speech uttered while they were eating they explicitly denounced the friars. This objection is known as the Friar so this is what happened: Future is found only on the doors of universities PASKIN the content prognosis, persecution, and rebellion. The affixing of pasking is blamed on members of the congregation of students. Because of this they were arrested and naparamay Basilio, something that has deeply ipinagdamdam Juli's his girlfriend. These students have relatives who walk them to be acquitted them, Basilio was detained because he had left tagapagmagitan. On the one hand also begged by Juli Pari Camorra to help him to release but instead they help the priest he became another cause of death Juli, made its pagkalundag windows of the convent. To perform its intended Simoun's revenge, he is nakipagsama business with Don Timothy Pelaez, Juanito's father. In this way he was able to reconcile the marriage by Paulita Gomez and Juanito. The wedding will sponsor the Captain General. She also invited to attend the banquet to be held, the Government offices fluent and outstanding people in the city. After two months of confinement were released as Basilio with the help of Simoun. Immediately he came to Simoun to join the rebellion. Simoun took advantage of this opportunity to show the young man that he made the bomb. This is a lamp with a shape Granada and kasinalaki human head. This elegant lamp it is his gift to the groom who were Juanito and Paulita. Simoun's Ipalalagay the lamp in the middle of a kiyoskong kakanan that he ipasasadya texture. The lamp will provide a bright light and after twenty minutes manlalabo. When hinagad to raise the wick to shine, will burst a capsule fulminato de mercurio, the Granada is exploding at the same time is the destruction and pagkatugnaw of kiyoskong kakanan --- and no one can be saved to the present. On the one hand, are powerful explosion of dynamite lamp will become the cue to start the rebellion headed by Simoun. Iikapito to just the night of the wedding day, and Basilio was strutting in front of the house pinagdarausan the feast. Non-kawasa'y Simuon descend to leave her home to those in malulutawan an explosion. The nanlulumong Basilio was observed sisinod but he would dumatng was Isagani, became the lover and dear by Paulita. He told it fled but he never ignored so Basilio was forced to confess with Isagani secret schemes but also not napatinag this young man. "Nanlalamlam the lamp," is engaged in tumultuous Captain General. "C'mon, you ipakitaas, Irene Priest, the wick." Isagani took the lamp, run terraces and threw it into the river. Thus expired the scheme of Simoun for a rebellion army. She fled to the house of Florentino...
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