Eight Miracle Signs of John

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A Paper
Presented to Professor Heidt of
Liberty University
Lynchburgh, VA

In Partial Fullfillment
Of the Requirements for
Gospel of John
BIBL 323

Rebekah L. Gudaitis
February 19, 2012
The gospel of John was written for two main purposes. The twentieth chapter of John sums it up best, “The disciples saw Jesus do many other miraculous signs in addition to the ones recorded in this book. But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name.” (20:31-32) The primary purpose of the gospel of John was to demonstrate the deity of Jesus and through this revelation people would be able to gain eternal life. Beginning with the very first verse written in the book of John, the reader is taken on a journey to substantiate the deity of Christ. As the book progresses so does the evidence. Jesus is portrayed unlike any other man, his confidence goes beyond himself, his wisdom is astounding, he is not bound by human limitations, and he defies physical and natural laws. Some of the greatest evidence that John presents Jesus as the eternal son of God are in the earlier chapters of John and one later chapter. This is where the reader is introduced to the 8 Sign Miracles of John. A Sign is defined as God doing a miracle and gives a message with it. The first sign miracle is documented in John 2:1-12 at the wedding in Cana. Weddings are a symbol of love and joy and the fact that Jesus chose this setting to perform his first miracle shows how highly he values marriage. After all, in the garden the first thing God did after creation was to create a marriage. The scene is set that Jesus and his mother Mary were attending the wedding of a relative. The fact that Mary was taking charge of wedding details confirms they must have been related to this family. John 2:2-3 is where we see the problem unfold, the wine has run out at the wedding. Mary takes the issue to Jesus asking him to do something. The servants were given instructions to take six stone jars nearby and fill them with water. After doing so, Jesus tells them to bring the jars to the master of ceremonies. When the master of ceremonies tasted the wine he called the bridegroom over exclaiming, “A host always serves the best wine first, and then when everyone has had a lot to drink he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have saved the best until now!” This was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. The scriptures state after this miracle his disciples believed. The turning of water into wine expresses Christ’s deity by showing his power over nature, and the power of creation. Only God can change one substance to another in a matter of moments. The next sign exhibits Christ’s deity by showing he is not limited by space and distance. While Jesus was still in Cana when a high official, nobleman, came to see Jesus and begged him to go to Capernaum to heal his son who was near death. Jesus tests the man to see if his faith is real and asks him if he would only believe if he sees miraculous signs and wonders. John 4:49 shows the response of the nobleman who says, “Lord, please come now before my boy dies.” Seeing that this man truly believed and had tremendous faith (believing without seeing) Jesus tells the man to “go back home and his son will live!” The response of the nobleman was quite remarkable since the Jews were always looking for a sign before they were willing to believe, yet this official had great faith. Nothing like this had happened before, therefore, only God had the ability to supernaturally heal a boy without seeing him miles away. Through this miracle God also proved he was who he claimed to be. As a result the nobleman and his family believed. John 5:1-15 tells a story of when Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the Feast of Booths. Jesus sees a man near the...
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