Ehud: Slayer of the Obese King

Topics: Bible, Moses, Book of Judges Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Ehud: Slayer of the Obese King

Ehud was a brave man, and even though he is given less than one chapter of text about him in the Bible, his influence goes far beyond a few words on a page. Ehud obeyed God and lived his life as a role model which had a direct impact on his country for eighty years, and secured for himself a prominent place in Israel’s history books. Ehud is an example of what can happen when one man follows God’s leading in his life; that man can have an impact on numerous amounts of people for a limitless amount of time.

Ehud was a faithful follower of God and there is no indication of him hesitating or looking for a way out when God called him to deliver Israel from Eglon. Ehud was not going to let his opportunity to serve the Lord slip through his hands and he realized that God’s people should not have to pay tribute to a pagan enemy in the land that was given to them by God. Because of this Ehud wanted to take advantage of his chance to confront his enemy face to face (Reid).

To be a good follower of God one has to trust God to take care of your needs and know that He will not put you in any situation you cannot handle. A faithful follower of God must have faith that God will help get them out of any trouble they may get into accomplishing His will, Ehud did just that. Ehud was brave enough to have faith in God to help him escape after murdering a king in his own castle. Ehud also used his God-given talents; in the manner that he murdered the fat king. God must have made Ehud left-handed for a reason. His unique name means “son of the right hand”. Although Benjamites are commonly left-handed and they are known for their particular left-handed battle skills (Ryan), God knew he would need someone special to complete this task and deliver Israel.

The impact Ehud had on the Israelites was huge. Although Ehud was only characterized as a deliverer in the Bible he was also Israel’s second judge ( Because Eglon was an...
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