Eharmony Case Review

Topics: Online dating service, EHarmony, Dating Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: November 8, 2012
eHarmony Case Review
Key Marking Issue
The key marketing issue facing eHarmony is continuing to differentiate eHarmony from the emerging competition, to include free dating websites, by effectively marking their success measures and broadening their customer base.

First Marketing Solution
The first solution I would consider would be to defend eHarmony’s position as the leading matchmaking company in the long term relationship segment of the market. It is extremely important to market the success measures of the matchmaking website to promote the success and warrant paying for the service. There are several pros to this strategy. First, while only 4% of committed relationships in the U.S. are formed online, I expect as technology continues to evolve this number will continue to grow. Second, there are over $2 million marriages in America every year and many more individuals seeking a partner; this is a very large customer base to target. Third, while the competitors are continuing to emerge, eHarmony has a track record that is far and above the competitors. There are also several cons to this strategy. First, eHarmony is one of the most expensive services available, which exposes the company to reduced sales during an economic event like a recession. Second, when customers meet their match, they no longer need the service. Third, by turning down business and not expanding the customer base, the company is limiting their expansion opportunities.

Second Solution
The second solution I would consider would be to expand geographically and demographically. There is an incredible amount of opportunity outside of the United States that has yet to be captured. The first opportunity with this strategy would be significantly increasing the customer base. While there are many different cultures and religions, marriage is a staple across the world. Second, by expanding into these markets, eHarmony could become the market leader in many companies. Third,...
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