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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Market for Reproductive Organs

Would you sell your eggs for money? Is it ethical for a woman to undergo hormonal and surgical treatment to donate eggs to another infertile woman, for money? Is it ethical for the couple to pay for certain characteristics, such as intelligence, sportiness or good looks? Today, many women, and couples are not able to conceive, which causes them to seek other options in order to start their family. When couples realize that they are infertile, they face several solutions. Some couples decide to remain childless. Others adopt children, attempt in-vitro fertilization, or look for donated eggs. While the act of donating one’s egg to help another woman have a child may be very moving, and the money that will be obtained for that donation can be very appealing and convenient, a woman considering donating her eggs should think through her decision very carefully. When making a very critical decision like this one, many aspects come into play. One should weigh the pros and cons of what factors should enter into the final decision, how should he/she weigh the different considerations, and why does one option seem to outweigh the other, are what made me want to get a better insight on the issue.

Donating eggs is a wonderful way to help another couple with something they cannot do on their own, while fulfilling some of your own goals. But before following through with this process, all options should be viewed in order to make the best final decision for the woman and her body. When making the decision to donate an egg or sperm cells, it's important to think about the personal issues involved, which is one of the main factors that enters into making the final decision. When donating a reproductive cell, you’re going to be helping somebody have a child that doesn't have the ability to have their own, and most people think that's a wonderful thing. The donor should consider how they’ll react knowing that there's a child in the world...
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