Effects on Economies in Canada After Removing the Head Tax

Topics: Immigration, Spain, Unemployment Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: December 1, 2012
I introduce some of notable effects on economies in Canada after removing the Head Tax.

As a young immigrant nation, Canada has become one of seven economic powers. Its economic well-being is tied to many factors, however, immigrants have played an unparalleled role. Those who have the experience and resources contribute to the Canadian economy. Excluding the talents of immigrants is the most disadvantageous way of reaching sustainable economic development.

In 2006, when Steven Harbor apology to the Head Tax and appropriate acknowledgement and redress, huge of Chinese immigration still would like to move to Canada. Because at this time, many Chinese getting rich after the economic reform after 1979, and Canadian government open immigration policy in 1967, but the Chinese instability of political and imperfect system leads them move to other developed countries, Canada is one of those countries. Flip---------------------------------------------------------------

The immigration can be divided to three important parts, which will affect the economy in Canada; there are business Emigrant, skilled worker Emigrant, international students. Flip---------------------------------------------------------------

Chinese Business Emigrant is arisen during this 10 years, before 1999, most of emigrants are comes from Hong Kong, later on, the Emigrants’ proportion from Mainland is getting bigger and bigger. At present time, Chinese immigrants are becoming a country of origin of migrants in Canada (75%). Chinese Business Emigrants are attracted come to Canada with foreign capital by providing the right of residence and citizenship from Canadian Government. At the same time, they also make important contribute to Canadian Economy. For example: Flip--------------------------------------------------------------- As we can see, this is the number of Chinese business immigrates from 1999 to 2010, the number of Chinese Business immigrants rise up from only 4 families to...
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