Effects of Tacsiyapo on Selected Feu Students

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Venting out is one of the efficient ways of releasing anger. In today’s technology, loosing anger has found an innovative technique. Unconsciously, people have used some of the novel ways of “blowing off” their steams before, but they do not label it. Do you remember something happened in your life that you were so angry and you want to pick up anything on your reach and throw it as hard as you can to release what is eating you inside? Do you still remember the feeling and your reactions after doing the insolence of that action? And the fulfilment it gave to you? Now, people have all the ways of venting out anger for their feelings of resentment and one of these ways is the so-called Tacsiyapo.

Tacsiyapo is a profane word in our local dialect. It’s a Kapampangan word that means “shame on you” while in Tagalog, it means “bwiset”. It is usually spoken whenever someone is angry. The Tacsiyapo Wall is meant and dedicated to those persons who want to vent out some anger or need to release oneself of unwanted stress. It is also the name of the wall where people smash any crockery they would

want such as mugs, plates, and saucer and so on. It was first seen on a restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac named “Isdaan”. The crockery is bought by the guests that range from eight to fifteen pesos. Furthermore, a functioning TV is also sold for one thousand five hundred pesos. Once the guests have chosen his/her desired “weapon”, he/she will take a deep breath, and then he/she will throw the weapon unto the wall, break it into pieces and release his/her feelings of resentment along with it.

As a strange form of anger management, Tacsiyapo has become popular here in the Philippines. It can be seen in local carnivals as a game and attractions in some restaurants in the South. The manager of Isdaan, Arnold Viola, said it is not usual for a couple to target each other on the Tacsiyapo wall before returning to the restaurant to enjoy a romantic meal. He also added that the top targets are boss/manager, wine, women and gambling and lastly the loan sharks. (Viola, 2009). One medical student, Angie Trumpeta, made the long journey after a marathon run of exams and said that “Something like this would help release all of your stress,” she said while flinging plates at the wall. (Trumpeta, 2009; www.pinoytravelblog.com)

People experiences anger and no one can disagree with it. Anger is one of the most common and unhelpful delusions that badly affects people’s mind almost every day. Anger makes people focus on an animate or inanimate object, see it as an

unattractive, exaggerates its bad qualities, and wishes to harm it. For instance, when people are angry with someone, the person appears to them as an unattractive or unpleasant. People exaggerate his bad qualities by focusing only on those aspects that irritate them and ignoring all his good qualities and kindness. They wish to hurt him in some way, probably by judging him. Shantiveda, (2010) described anger as being unable to bear the object, or the intention to cause harm to the object.

Anger is a negative feeling and most of the time it is hard to control what one feels. Anger issues can be very dangerous. And in the work place, anger can also make people less productive at work by causing stress which in turn leads to illness and absenteeism. In severe situations, anger can spark physical violence. More and more people use violence as a way to vent their anger. Guns and knives aren't the answer though. We increasingly hear of instances of employees "losing it." Workplace violence has been on the rise in recent years.

Anger is a common emotion experienced by everyone. Surveys of college students and community adults show that most people feel at least mildly angry several times a week and that approximately 33% experience daily anger. Mild to moderate...
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