Effects of Nuclear Weaponry on Warfare and Anti-Terrorism

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation, Nuclear warfare Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Chris Royer
Junior Cornerstone
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Effects of Nuclear Weaponry on Warfare and Anti-Terrorism

The world in which we live is increasingly filled not only with weapons of mass destruction, but with people ready to use them. The United States has reached the top of every international match in which we participated, but because of the capacity of other countries to produce weapons of mass destruction, and implement, the United States must review and revise their tactics for defense against nuclear terrorism and nuclear war. Because of our position and power in the world and our opposition to the extremist Muslim world, the United States is the main target of nuclear terrorism. In order to keep this a peaceful world, many changes need to be made to the United States and worldwide policy on WMDs. The first phase of the nuclear age, the period of superpower arms race and confrontation has ended. But another threat dangerous phase now, the era of nuclear proliferation increases the likelihood of regional nuclear wars, accidents and nuclear terrorism. Nuclear proliferation is defined as the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials used in their manufacture. To end this situation, major changes in attitude and policy is needed in all countries with nuclear capability. This change is most needed in the United States and Russia. Although there have been movements since 1991 to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the navy and ground units of nuclear states all around the world, in response to fears both realistic leaders "missing" nuclear weapons in the Soviet Union, the two countries continue to deploy large number of tactical weapons at air bases. As almost all of these weapons are vulnerable to a nuclear attack, they can’t be used for deterrence, and therefore are weapons for the first time use or for use against non-nuclear adversaries. However, because the United States and Russia, still stock incredible amount of nuclear weaponry,...
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