Effects of Modern Feminism and Masculinity on Heterosexual Relationships

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Gender role Pages: 5 (1835 words) Published: August 19, 2012
I. Introduction:
Living in a world that has gotten more and more sophisticated as time goes by, people seem to have overlooked their basic natures as organisms and how this greatly influences the choices that we make in our lives. As organisms, our main purpose in life is to reproduce and ensure that our species survive. When we put this in the context of our modern social structure, it seems as if the two existing sexes don’t want this to happen. Today we see females pushing for “equal rights”, complaining that the traditional roles of society for them are unfair and that they are the oppressed sex, wanting to be independent of men, pursuing careers and ambitioning to rise in power. We see males who have rationalized that sensitivity is a trait that will help them procure relationships, males who have been conditioned to believe that anything remotely masculine is to be ridiculed and subdued. Thus, we have a flawed modern gender-dynamic.

Often do we hear that men, women and relationships are such mysteries that we can never grasp the way they work and think; we then forget that nothing in this world is fundamentally mysterious. In reality, it’s only us humans and our inability to rationally explain the way things works. When we draw attention to how something functions beyond our reasoning, it’s the same as drawing attention to how little our understanding is. But men, women, relationships they are not mysteries. We have just gotten caught up with the fabrications and demands of the present society that we have forgotten how simple these things are.

The original need of feminism, which happened before the middle of the 20th century, was because there were many legal and social restrictions on what women could do. Women were not legally allowed to own property, to vote, etc. and feminists of that time worked hard to remove these biases against women. This is a righteous push for equality.

The problem with modern feminism is that it assumes the need for a 50/50 type of equality of men and women. ____ stated that men and women are fundamentally different and want different things; this makes it difficult to compare their welfare. This basically means that we cannot assume that if we achieve a 50/50 equality that everything then is fair and right. Furthermore, according to Richards (2003), feminists are prepared to throw all constraints of morality to the winds; that right or wrong, fair or unfair; they will pursue anything which is to the benefit of women. In support of this Venker (2011) said that once feminism came along, women abandoned their pedestal in droves and decided they wanted to share man’s pedestal with him. They claimed they wanted both sexes on the same pedestal to represent equality and prove men and women are the same. Instead, they found themselves in conflict. Since there isn’t enough room on a pedestal for both of them, feminists pushed men off to make room for themselves. That’s not equality, that’s matriarchy.

The idea of living in a world that demands double standards from its inhabitants is not far off. ____ stated that the very men who encourage women to be most daring and sexless complain most bitterly of the sexlessness of women. The same holds true with women. The women who adore men so tremendously for their social smartness and sexlessness as males, hate them most bitterly for not being “men”. In our opinion, the popularized notion that sex roles are interchangeable is a fantasy that will continue to harass and stain the beautiful way of life that has ensured the survival of humans. Men and women shouldn’t be seen as competitors or one being more powerful and dominating over the other, rather we should see them as counterparts each providing their own contributions. One cannot exist and will not exist without the other.

II. Body:
The generation today has changed. Compared to what our mothers had as careers, women seek for careers that will provide them economic...
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