Effects of Justice System on Children & Families

Topics: Family, Parent, Mother Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Effects of Justice System on Children & Families
Kathryn Naggie American Intercontinental University March 27, 2011
English Composition 107

The Effects of the Justice System on Children and Families can be very damaging. It is dealt with everyday in my household. A parent being in prison is one of the hardest things that a child can go through. My daughter doesn’t understand why she can’t talk to or see her dad. Having her dad in prison is hard for my 6 year old to deal with.

The only people that understand what I go through everyday are other parents or grandparents in my situation. My 6 year old daughter Breeana is having a really hard time adjusting to her dad being in prison. One of the things that I deal with on a daily basis, is she doesn’t sleep well. Every night she cries herself to sleep worrying about her dad. Most nights she wakes up screaming because she has had a nightmare about her dad either being hurt or killed in prison. I know that he was the one that put himself in there for the bad things he did but she really doesn’t understand that. She always wants to know why he can’t leave to come and see her. I just tell her that it doesn’t work that way, that he can’t leave till the judge says so or until he has served his time. There are so many children that have a parent or both parents in prison. Other kids can be so cruel when they find out about a situation like this. There have been some days that she gets in trouble at school and has to go to the principals’ office. There was one little boy that picked on her almost every day until I finally went to the school and had a talk with the principal. The little boy would always tell her that her daddy is a jailbird and when she got older she was going to be one to. I know it’s not something that people think about every day, but if...
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