Effects of Global Warming

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Cai Yue Group 3
Nov, 16th Ms. Woon

The Effects of global warming.

Global warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of oceans and Earth’s atmosphere since the 19th century and its continuation till today (Wikipedia, 2012). Since the 20th century, the earth’s surface’s temperature has increased 0.8°C (Wikipedia, 2012). The increase seems diminutive, but such unsubstantial change has exerted a devastating influence on the whole planet. The environment, the people and animals on earth have all suffered from global warming. It is high time that the effects of global warming should be highlighted under the circumstance that the temperature tends to increase continuously. In general, the effects of global warming can easily be seen from the following three aspects---the environment, the people and animal species.

First, global warming triggers two disastrous environmental phenomena—drought and rising sea level. According to Dai, “warming increases the tendency for moisture to evaporate from land areas” (Pegg, 2005). Global warming keeps the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans at a high level, which contributes to the mass evaporation of the earth’s surface water. With the evaporation increasing year by year but the amount of precipitation remaining the same, the land cannot retain water and then, droughts occur. In the past 30 years when the major increase of temperature happened, much of Europe, Asia and Africa have been hit by droughts (Pegg, 2005). At the same time, the rising temperature thaws the primeval glaciers in the Antarctic pole and the Artic pole which attributes to the rise of the sea level. The sea levels around the world have been increasing at a catastrophic rate of 0.14 inches every year since the 1990th (Pattero, 2008). The tendency, linked to global warming, has put thousands of coastal cities, like Venice at risk of being drowned by the ocean (Pattero, 2008). One nation, the Maldives, has already...
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