Effects of French Revolution

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Causes and Effects of the French Revolution
The long-term causes of the French Revolution were economical, political, and social. The economical cause of the French Revolution was starvation, especially the agrarian crisis that contributed to the cause of starvation. Another long-term economical cause was the fact that there was no welfare for the sick and dying lower class, also known as the third Estate. Since the third Estate made up most of France’s population, too much poverty and people unemployed looked for something to do that could save themselves and their family. Another contribution to the cause of the French Revolution was the political dispute between the Monarchy and the nobility over the change of the tax system, which caused the bankruptcy of France. Another political cause was the American Revolution inspiring the French, which created a group of determined common folk to overrule the King and his army and set up a new democratic government. The social long-term effect was the rivalry between the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. They had different opinions about the government of France, when the Bourgeoisie is a middle class that wanted change, and the aristocracy, an upper class wanted King Louise XVI to stay in rule.

The short-term causes of the French Revolution were the small battles like the Storming of the Bastille in Paris. The French still celebrate Bastille Day as in comparison to America celebrating the Fourth of July. Another reason was the ineffective ruler, Louis XVI; he generally had no sense of what the role of a King was. He was indecisive and self-centered where he spent the country’s money on luxuries for himself, causing the long-term effect of the massive debt France was in. Then the international struggle for leadership by the First, Second, and Third Estate was a major contribution to the cause of the French Revolution. Another contribution is the drought of 1788, which caused a spread of crop failure, and the bread...
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